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Welcome to Stonefish
         Web and Communications Ltd

Stonefish provides a wide range of web services from design and build through to hosting, domains and email. Please contact us for more information or to discuss your requirements.

Samples are also provided.

Web services

Web design

Stonefish can design and build your website using HTML or PHP as required. Websites we build are quick to load, easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye. We also offer database services and ongoing site maintenance.

Writing for the web

Writing for the web is a specialised skill. Text must be clear, succinct, and free of jargon. Information must be well organised. We understand web-user behaviour and write website content appropriate for particular audiences.

Scripting and programming

Together with Visual Computing Services (VCS) Stonefish offers a wide range of server scripting and interactive database functionality. We use industry standard tools to create systems that meet your exact requirements.

Hosting and domains

Having your own domain name (e.g. www.mybusiness.co.nz) establishes your unique presence on the Internet and provides a professional look for your company or organisation. In conjunction with VCS, Stonefish offers competitive web hosting and email packages, domain name registration and search engine optimisation.

Electronic newsletters

Stonefish specialises in designing and sending electronic newsletters. Special software allows us to personalise newsletters for each individual recipient if required, and track who opened your newsletters or clicked links within it.

Online surveys

Using Survey Monkey's powerful online tool, Stonefish can conduct web-based surveys on your behalf and present results in easily manageable spreadsheets.

Web services samples


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