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Welcome to Stonefish
         Web and Communications Ltd

Stonefish  provides wide range of communications services to New Zealand businesses and organisations. Our rates are competitive, and our service is always prompt, courteous and attentive.

Here's what our clients have to say...

Client references

I have been working with Rob now for a few years. His work is without exception insightful, timely, accurate and effective.

He tells it like it is. He is able to grasp new areas and complex ideas and successfully meld them into well positioned communication pieces whether internal or through the silly old media.

Rob seems to have a wide network of media contacts that he has formed trusting relationships with over the years and as a client we get the benefit of those relationships.

Stonefish seems like a bit of a weird name to call a media communications company but I like it. I like the direct approach and while he seems to live and work at the ends of the earth Rob is never far away. That I also like.

– Michael Bird, Birdseye Limited and Narrative

Our organisation has been outsourcing our IT needs with Stonefish Web and Communications Limited for over a year now. Their responsiveness, efficiency, professionalism and high standard of expertise are evident. I recommend this organisation to anyone without reservation.

– Nicola Chilcott, Executive Director, Agencies for Nutrition Action

Stonefish was a life saver helping us out at short notice on our new magazine. Stonefish took the fuss out of the project by managing all deadlines, liaising with our designers and editing all stories. Stonefish was highly professional, especially when interviewing people for stories on sensitive topics. Stonefish are also great writers. I highly recommend them.

– Ross Bell, Director, The New Zealand Drug Foundation

Rob was very important in helping me set up my business. He is always helpful. His work is of a high standard and very professional.

– Karline de Boer, Director, Research Services Ltd

Stonefish has been engaged by the Smokefree Coalition to format and send its e-newsletter Tobacco Control Update and to keep the Smokefree Coalition website updated and current. Their work is accurate, attractive and timely. It is always a pleasure working with Rob, too.

– Mark Peck, Director, The Smokefree Coalition

Stonefish is a key part of keeping the PHA website up and running essential both for us behind the scenes and for our web readers. I've found Rob to be really easy to work with. He speaks to me in English, not in Geek, delivers what and when we've agreed. It's very pleasant to work with someone like this he does not suffer from the industry illness of over-promising and under-delivering!

– Gay Keating, Director, Public Health Association

"A bit of a weird name to call a media communications company, but I like it."
– Michael Bird


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