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Welcome to Stonefish
         Web and Communications Ltd

Stonefish has the needed experience to help you by writing effective press releases or by planning full scale media campaigns. Please contact us for more information or to discuss your requirements.

Sample pieces are also provided.

Public relations

Working with the media

There is more to an effective media campaign that issuing press releases and hoping for the best. Stonefish can advise you about what journalists are looking for and what approaches might work best for your particular issue.

Media contacts

Stonefish has a number of existing media contacts in a variety of fields. To date we have managed to secure media coverage for clients on radio, television news and current affairs as well as major papers and magazines.

Getting you ready

We can also help you prepare to deal with media attention. Have you got your key messages sorted? Have you identified risks and thought about how you'll deal with any curly questions? Stonefish can be of assistance.

Media analysis

Want to know whether your media campaign was worth what you spent? Stonefish can arrange media monitoring to track how well the media has responded, and can give that coverage an estimated monetary value.

Public relations samples


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