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Welcome to Stonefish
         Web and Communications Ltd

Stonefish provides a wide range of communications services and these are briefly described below. Please contact us for more information or to discuss your requirements.

Sample pieces are also provided.

Communications services


Our specialty is to produce writing that is engaging, easy to read and suitable for its intended audience. We can either work with you to give your ideas written shape or we can research and write about any topic for you.


We have strong editing and proof-reading skills to help ensure your written material makes a professional impression and conforms to New Zealand standards of spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Document formatting

Got a document that just needs a bit of a format and tidy up? We're great at working with Microsoft Office Suite styles to help make your Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents shine.

Writing for the web

The internet is a specialist medium. We know how to write for the web using "information chunking" with heading and page structure techniques to make your web pages really user-friendly.

Communications samples


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