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Windhover Communications Ltd takes its name from the famous Gerard Manly Hopkins poem celebrating the excellence, skill and mastery (the achieve) of the common kestrel riding the 'rolling level' of the morning weather.

It seemed a fitting name for a company where the aim is to produce excellent and skilled narrative to achieve the communications goals of its clients.

I started Windhover in 2005 and it was then known as Stonefish Web and Communications Ltd (long story behind that name). I produce and edit copy for a wide-ranging client base and, while I have a long work history in public health (primarily addiction and mental health), I also produce material for other sectors such as Information Technology.

I'm good at making the complicated simple and writing in an engaging plain language style. Other connected services include media relations, photography and layout/design.

I'm relaxed and easy to work with and have a can-do, no-dramas attitude. I enjoy what I do and a big part of that comes from positive relationships with my clients.

See my Mission statement for more and please contact me if you think I can help you.