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At Stonefish our rates are competitive, and our service is always prompt, courteous and attentive.

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About Stonefish

Stonefish Web and Communications Ltd was established in 2004 by Rob Zorn who has many years experience writing in varied capacities ranging from the technical to the light-hearted and humorous. Rob currently writes on a regular contract basis for a number of publications and once wrote for the award-winning iDom section of Wellington's Dominion Post.

He has also had feature articles published in a number of major newspapers and magazines and has built up a stable of useful media contacts over the years.

Before launching Stonefish, Rob held various senior management positions at Actrix Networks Ltd in Wellington; New Zealand's first commercial Internet Service Provider. He was Operations Manager for four years during which time he also managed the web development team. As a result, Rob has an excellent understanding of how to write and design optimum pages for the web.

Stonefish also works with a number of other professional web developers, writers and photographers as needed.


"Responsiveness, efficiency, professionalism and a high standard of expertise."
– Nicola Chilcott


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